It has been a huge increase in the number of electrical cars the last few years, at the 1st of September 2019 a total of 247 565 electrical cars were registered in Norway. It is a clear political incitement to facilitate for charging electrical cars in parking garages in Norway. This has resulted in a public inquiry regarding proposed amendment to the planning and builiding Act (plan- og bygningsloven, eierseksjonsloven og burettslagslova). In this inquiry it is proposed to give owners in housing cooperative the right to install chargers for electrical cars. The inquiry has resulted in a consultation paper where the uncertainties regarding fire safety while charging electrical cars in confined spaces was highlighted. In this study it was examined if charging electrical cars in parking garages result in an unacceptable risk of fire and if so what sort of measures are needed to ensure an acceptable risk level. One of the aims of the study was to identify the measures needed to ensure an acceptable safety level when parking and charging electrical cars in parking garages. This was done using a holistic evaluation of the risk of fire in the electric car while charging, the risk of fire in the electrical installation in the parking garage when charging, and also the layout of the parking garage and the ability for active firefighting or extinguishing using sprinkler or water mist systems. It was also investigated relevant measures that can be installed to prevent an increase in fire risk due to the installation of charging points for electrical cars.


Personkøretøj, Opladning, P-anlæg

Sidst opdateret 1. marts, 2022 - Kl. 09.48