This report presents the results of three installation level tests conducted between June 19 and July 9, 2020, in the UL Large Scale Fire Test Facility in Northbrook, Ill. The installation level test included a mockup Initiating Energy Storage System (ESS) Unit and two Target Units installed within an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) container outfitted with deflagration protection vents. All tests were conducted with an identical lithium-ion (li-ion) battery configuration. The Initiating ESS Unit included nine modules with a total capacity of 28.9 kWh. Each mock-up module included nine mock-up cells. Each mock-up cell was composed of thirty 18650 li-ion cells for an equivalent capacity of 99 Ah in each mockup cell. The Target Units were loaded to one-third capacity of the Initiating Unit.


Sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, Batterilagre, Produkttest, Thermal Runaway

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