This document aims to provide practical guidance to insurers and their clients on fire hazards and appropriate control measures associated with the charging of electric vehicles in public places, on commercial and industrial premises and within or in the vicinity of residential premises (such as blocks of flats, care homes and sheltered accommodation). The number of electric vehicles on the road and in use in workplaces (including warehouses and industrial sites) has risen quickly over the past few year, and given government environmental initiatives this is likely to increase further over the coming years, alongside an significantly increased requirement for charging points. Since this RC document was first published, not only have the volume of electric vehicles in use increased, but there have been advances in charging technologies - including the introduction of ‘fast charging’ and a far wider range of adapters for some specific vehicle types. This revised RC document considers the risks these changes present, outlines management controls to minimise the potential for fire and also highlights additional practical advice on measures to improve safety arrangements.


Thermal Runaway, Sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, Opladning, Personkøretøj, P-anlæg

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