Analysis, data and research. Analysis, data and research to strengthen and guide the development of - in particular - the fire and rescue services.


Crisis communication. Crisis communication before, during and after major accidents and disasters and development of the institutional and technical setup for crisis communication.


Education. Development of plans and frameworks for educating personel to work in the fire rescue service and emergency management. Education of conscripts for the national fire and rescue centers.


Fire prevention. Regulations and campaigns to reduce the risk of fires in homes, institutions and the commercial sector.


Nuclear emergency management. Emergency planning and monitoring and forecasting in case of radioactive contamination. Supervision and oversight of the safety setup for nuclear materials in Greenland.


Resicilence and contingency planning. Development of the national system for crisis and emergency management, including through national emergency exercices. Review of the contingency plans of state agencies.


Supervision of the municipal fire and rescue services. Supervision and support of the municipal fire and rescue services, including in planning and assessing local risks.


Transportation of dangerous goods. Advice and administration of the regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR).

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